24 Camera ready HD OB Van with 1.8M KU-Band redundant Satellite Uplink, FIFA & CAF specifications with a support vehicle. Includes; twin 95KVA generators
Split over 3 vehicles.
A Mercedes AXOR Left Hand Drive double expander rigid for the Main Production Facility.
A Mercedes AXOR Left Hand Drive double expander rigid VT/SERVER+ Sat Uplink.
A Mercedes AXOR Left Hand Drive support vehicle with twin 95KVA generators.

Available with or Without 15 x Camera Channels, Lenses, Tripods, VT’s & EVS

This OB van was originally built for SuperSport to cover the football league in Nigeria. SuperSport needed their new OB’s to
be as user-friendly as possible. Ease of set-up, use, and upgrade were important factors that needed to be addressed by the
system design. Africa’s roads are often difficult to tackle with large vehicles, being narrow with sharp-corners and are
frequently in poor condition. SuperSport needed all the functionality of state-of-the-art FIFA Specification 24 camera OB Production units, in a more mobile and versatile form.
Instead of the usual single-truck solution using articulated trailer-lorries, SuperSport wanted the systems designed around
two smaller and more mobile rigid chassis trucks, able to join together once on location and easier to maneuver on roads.
The OB van was built by us in 2011 and was refurbished by us, At the beginning of 2023. We replaced with new monitors,
multi-viewers and changed the router. We service the antenna, Air-Con, AC, Hydraulics, generators and Mercedes serviced
all the three vehicles, all three vehicles have very low mileage.
This OB van is ready for full production.


  • Vision mixer – Sony MVS-8000 2.5ME 81 inputs 24 outputs 2 DME
  • Monitors – Konvision
  • Multiviewers – Decimator
  • Harris clocks with Snell router panels and Telex comms panel
  • Genelec 8030A audio monitoring
  • Wiring for 6 VTs and 3 dual-channel GFX
  • 7 flexible EVS/GFX operator positions with independent audio monitoring
  • Konvision displays router driven for flexibility
  • Multiviewer feeds via the router from EVS MV outs & Decimator multiviewer
  • Tech QC position with Tektronix WVR-5000 rasteriser
  • Yamaha M7CL 48-fader console
  • Snell Pyxis audio router 144*144 AES set to mono with on-board analogue audio, Madi encode/decode with Dolby
  • Snell IQ modular interfacing including Dolby E on-card multiplexing
  • Outboard effects
  • Wiring for 5.1 for two mixes
  • 2 Telex Cronus talkback matrices with fibre linking to a third on the RACK truck
  • Telex radio and 2wire belt pack systems
  • Telex telephone hybrids with additional wiring for ISDN base stations
  • 2 web-controllable Glensound commentator systems with AES interfacing
  • 5 vision control positions
  • Wired for 24 Camera Channels
  • Konvision monitoring
  • Tektronix WFM-5000 monitoring
  • Sony POE based RCP-1500s with MSU- 1500
  • Genelec audio monitoring
  • Advent NewSwift 180 KU-Band
  • 2 x Xicom 400W HPA’s
  • 2 x Ericsson Encoders/IRD’s
  • Konvision and BEL audio monitoring
  • Dual-path Advent and Tandberg
  • Monitoring and seating positions
  • Tektronix WFM7120 & Konvision
  • BEL Audio Dolby-capable audio monitoring
  • Evertz high-density HD-SDI CDWM fibre solution for 96 paths
  • Snell Cygnus 512×512 HD router with Aurora and Centra control systems
  • Snell IQ modular interfacing
  • Evertz MSC5600 SPG and changeover system
  • TSL control – Tallies, GPI and UMD
  • 6 x position machines with central storage and networking
  • VIPA multiviewers centralised for both trucks, feeding HD-SDI via router
  • Master server control position
  • 2 x MeccAlte 95KVA Generator
Equipment in the OB van, Camera, Lenses, Tripods, VT’s & EVS
  • 13 x Sony HDC-1500,1550, HSC-300 HD Camera channels (CCU, VF, RCP, VCT)
  • 2 x Camera Corps Q-Ball Goal Cam
  • 2 x Canon XJ72x9BIE Box Lens + Z&F
  • 2 x Canon XJ40x10 BIASE Lens + SS41
  • 5 x Canon HJ22ex4.3BIASE Lens +SS41
  • 4 x Canon HJ14ex4.3BIASE Lens + SS41
  • 4 x Sachtler Video 60 + OB2000 Tripods
  • 11 x Cartoni Focus 22 Tripods
  • 1 x EVS XT2 Plus 6 Channel HD Server + 2 Controllers
  • 1 x Simplylive MMR-410 USB Recorder
  • 5 x AJA Ki-Pro Rack SSD Recorder
  • 2 x AJA Ki-Pro-Go-Ro USB Recorder
  • Microphones
  • Fibre, Triax , Video, Audio cables.