Life TV TV Channel


C2S beat significant competition to build a broadcast television facility for Life TV, a privately funded lifestyle channel with an emphasis on original and up to date content, based in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire. C2S equipped this start up with all equipment from acquisition through to transmission and installed a modern failure resilient system.

In 2019, C2S were presented A VSN Ingest, MAM and playout system integrated with Ross Video’s Inception NRCS is the heart of the system, managing content from ENG, Studio, and external sources. Editing and audio post suites produce content from high-speed, high availability central storage integrated with the MAM system.

A 300m2 production studio equipped with Sony cameras and a Ross Carbonite video switcher, includes several sets for daily live shows and post produced content and is complimented by a smaller news studio utilising a Tricaster production system.

This facility was built during the COVID pandemic in 2020 and despite this breakout of a largely unknown virus, and a city-wide lockdown, C2S continued its commitment to complete the installation on time.

C2S installed and commissioned all video, audio, control, and network systems, additionally installing 2 x studio lighting grid and lights, Cyclorama, green screen, and video wall for an auditorium.



• 6 x Sony HDC-3100 Broadcast camera chains

• 6 x Sony PTZ cameras

• Canon Broadcast lenses

• Sachtler pedestals and tripods.

• Ross openGear Infrastructure

• Ross Ultrix Router

• Ross Video Carbonite vision Switcher

• NewTek Tricaster production system


• VSN Media Asset Management, ingest and playout

• Ross Inception NRCS

• DAC ALTO Disk archive

• AJA KiPro Rack

• Canara lighting

• Autocue teleprompter

• Clearcom intercom

• Sennheiser wireless microphones

• Yamaha CL5 Audio mixer

• Adobe Premiere / Avid Pro Tools