Sony XVS-G1

Make: Sony

Model: XVS-G1

Short Description: Powerful and Compact Live Production Switcher

Main Description:

A new entry-level member of the XVS family

Sony is proud to introduce the latest member of the XVS family of production switchers. The XVS-G1 inherits many of the well-established features and architecture from the current models and adds cutting-edge technology for a range of visual processing enhancements. The all-new 4RU processor is combined with a range of four stylish new control panels plus a newly developed web-based operational menu for efficient and simple installations. The XVS-G1 builds on the success of the MVS-3000A and MVS-6530 switchers, bringing full HD and 4K(UHD) capacity at an affordable price. Configurable from 1 to 4 M/E banks, the XVS-G1 offers 16 full-feature keyers with up to 44 inputs, 24 outputs in HD mode, or 24 in, 12 out in 4K(UHD). These features make it the perfect choice for small and medium studios, flyaway packs and OB production units.

The next-generation platform in Live Production Switchers

The XVS-G1 introduces a hybrid architecture which augments the well-proven video processing structure of the XVS series with an optional GPU-based effects and graphics module. Its configuration retains a central processing unit (CPU) and field-programmable gate array (FPGA), whilst adding an optional graphics processing unit (GPU), ensuring high performance and flexibility with visual processing enhancements while maintaining high reliability and stable operation.

High-speed processing, enabled by the hardware at 4K(UHD) resolution, and High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, means virtually no compromises in performance and speed for real-time processing and ultra-low latency. High-density, high-resolution video processing using the latest software technology provides versatility and upgradability. The XVS-G1 system offers an affordable and flexible solution to meet the creative needs of today’s live productions.

A high-potential platform for maximum creativity realised by the optional GPU and modular software structure

The XVS-G1 offers new creative features including a built-in clip player, 3D digital multi-effects, extra still logo keys, and new multi-viewer functionality. HDR is also supported with Sony’s SR Live workflow and multiple HDR format conversion options.

16 keyers are provided, each with its own 2.5D resizer. These full-function keyers can be deployed in various configurations across 1 to 4 M/E banks.  An additional dedicated Clip Transition keyer is available on each M/E.

The optional GPU pack provides a file-based clip player, integrated for the first time in a Sony live production switcher. There are four channels in HD mode and two channels in 4K(UHD) mode. Multiple clips can be stored and replayed, each with a maximum duration, for both HD and 4K(UHD) content, of up to 60 minutes. Widely available AVC codec files in MOV or MP4 container formats are supported.

Media files are easily and instantly loaded into the internal SSD storage directly from any network-connected device via a web browser. The user-friendly style of the clip player and switcher minimises preparation and setup time, simplifying live operation.

Other functions provided by the GPU include 4 channels of full 3D digital multi-effects in HD mode or 2 channels in 4K(UHD), and four still logo keyers.

Control PTZ Camera remotely

By updating to Software Version 1.20 (or later), you can now easily control a Sony remote camera with the XVS-G1.

Use Sony’s IP Remote control panel, RM-IP10, etc. to preset the necessary camera operations on the XVS-G1 prior to shooting.

During the actual shooting, simply press a button on the XVS-G1 to recall the preset, and the pre-assigned camera work can be reproduced using only the XVS-G1 and a remote camera, without the need to use the RM-IP10 or other devices.

This feature enables efficient operation and new video expression in live production with a small number of people. Suitable across various production scenes including as House of Worship and education.

New design multi-viewer

New design multi-viewer offers enhanced features including in-vision audio monitoring and clock, with a choice of 4, 10, 13 and 16-way splits.

New web-based menu perfectly suited to News, Sports and Entertainment programme production

The user menu is based on a newly designed web application. This allows flexible wired or wireless operation via any PC, laptop or tablet. An enhanced menu system builds on the familiar structure of the existing XVS series, whilst new menus allow easy access to innovative features such as the GPU clip player and additional logo keyers. Multiple menu pages can be viewed simultaneously. The web application provides efficient and speedy menu navigation including future remote operation.

New dedicated control panels retain Sony’s popular operator features

A range of four new control panels offers 1 M/E or 2 M/E configurations with 16 or 24 source button layouts. Derived from Sony’s renowned ICP-X7000 Series, they all ensure compact, easy and reliable operation. The panels inherit many familiar features of Sony’s XVS high-end switchers, including excellent on-air status display, unsurpassed button feel, and dependable speed in mission-critical live production.

The XVS-G1 system is a perfect fit for the small to mid-size studio, broadcast remote trucks, faith-based community, universities, corporations and fly away pack production units.

Now supporting large panel 3M/E and 4M/E

With Software Version 1.20 (or later), the XVS-G1 supports the ICP-X7000 series control panel used on Sony’s flagship XVS-9000/8000/7000/6000 switchers.

This allows you to control the panel selection from 3 M/E or 4 M/E with up to 36 XPT buttons, maximizing the XVS-G1’s ability to configure 4 M/E 44 inputs in HD/1080p.

By supporting a wide range of control panels, the XVS-G1 can be used for an even greater variety of production needs.

Remote operation for work efficiently and safely

The XVS-G1 system is capable of supporting network routing function to enable multiple LAN/WAN network connectivity. This allows the remote operation capabilities by connecting the processor and the panel over Layer 3 network. The control panel can be located at a remote site away from the processor to support remote production over the long distance.

Powerful features in a single compact processor unit

Up to 4M/E, 44 inputs and 24 outputs in HD/1080p mode or 2M/E, 24 inputs and 12 outputs in 4K(UHD) mode can be configured by adding optional I/O boards.

Multiple signal source formats in SD, HD (1080i/720p/1080p) or 4K(UHD) are supported by 1.5G, 3G and 12G video connections.

Built-in redundant power supply as standard.