Canon CJ18ex7.6B KASE S

Make: Canon

Model: CJ18ex7.6B KASE S

Short Description: 4K Standard portable lens

Main Description:

A compact and lightweight 2/3” 4K broadcast zoom lens with exceptional performance, operability, and affordability.

A versatile 18x zoom lens with a focal length of 7.6mm-137mm: ideal for integration into broadcast applications and offering high optical performance designed to support 4K productions. The omission of an extender results in a smaller and lighter body, making this affordable lens ideal for studio productions where extended zoom ranges are not required.

Superb 4K Optical Quality

Our exclusive optical design technology ensures high optical performance with 4K resolving power from the centre to the edges of the lens.

Minimised chromatic aberration for extra clarity

This UHDgc series lens has an optimised arrangement of fluorite and UD glass to minimise chromatic aberration and colour fringing, with no loss of sharpness. This, along with BT.2020 correction data, provides higher quality images with more realistic textures and depth, and outstanding colour tonality.

Minimised ghosting to maximise HDR performance

The special coatings and internal lens barrel are designed to prevent reflections, which results in minimised flaring and ghosting. Users can capture images with high tonality, clarity and contrast to support HDR.

Without a 2x optical extender

By omitting an extender, the lens is more compact and lightweight, and ideal for shoulder mount use. Durable construction and ergonomics make this lens not only more affordable, but also ideal for longer shoots.

Compatible with virtual systems

3x 20-pin connectors enable readout of high accuracy positional information for focus, zoom and iris control. A high resolution 16-bit encoder also ensures detailed representation of images, with accurate positional information detection, allowing for easy calibration when matching actual and virtual images.