Studio Production Complex / QVC, Japan


Build a studio complex in one of the world’s most active earthquake zones to provide 100% availability 24/7

The first challenge here was design. The customer’s requirement was to be able to be on air 24/7 regardless. The system even had to be seismically rated to withstand earthquakes. The complex consisted of 5 HD studios with 24 cameras, 10 edit suites, 2 audio rooms, 2 PCRs and a large MCR.

Every studio has internal built-in redundancy in both audio and video and the large studios and PCRs can be exchanged with a single switch. For added security all mission critical devices are under control of a unified control and monitoring system.

The system was completed and went on air on time and now broadcasts 24/7 without interruption, even by earthquakes!



• Snell Modular Infrastructure

• Snell RollMap Control and Monitoring Solution

• Snell Sirius 840 512 x 512 HD-SDI router

• Snell Pyxis Video, Audio and RS422 Routing System

• Ikegami camera with Shotoku Robotic Control

• Sony 7000X Vision Switcher Solution

• Quantel SQ Server based high-speed production system

• 24 Robotic Cameras, including 2 x Crane Cam, 2 x Celing Rail Cam

• Full Automation

• Omneon Playout Server

• Quantel Production System

• 40 x Snell IQ Modular Infrastructure Frames • 240 Input Evertz MVIP Multi Viewer

• 10 x Evertz Modular Frames (DSK & VIP)

• Indoor and Outdoor CCTV Camera System

• Custom Designed Studio Control System

• Quantum LTO Archive

• 12 x Viz RT Graphics Servers

• Fibre Optical network for all studio interconnects